API Libraries

Updated on September 21, 2021

Crisp maintains official REST API wrappers in popular programming languages. They are useful if you need to quickly implement common API features in your backend or frontend app.

The baseline libraries are go-crisp-api and node-crisp-api. Those libraries are guaranteed to be always up-to-date with latest REST API and RTM API changes, at the moment in time they occur. Those are also the recommended libraries to build Crisp integrations.

Official Libraries

Those libraries are maintained by developers from the Crisp team. They have been extensively tested, and are well-maintained.

Platform Library Name REST API? RTM API? Link
Golang go-crisp-api View on GitHub
JavaScript (Node) node-crisp-api View on GitHub
PHP php-crisp-api View on GitHub
Python python-crisp-api View on GitHub
Ruby ruby-crisp-api View on GitHub
Note that some libraries also provide RTM API capabilities. This allows you to receive real-time events happening on Crisp websites, in a few lines of code.

Community Libraries

👉 There is no referenced third-party library built by the community just yet. Be the first!

If you want to reference yours there, please chat with us!

No Library For Your Platform?

If there is no library for your platform just yet, you may request us to build it (chat with us about that).

If we receive a lot of requests for a certain programming language, we will surely make it available as a library. Note that we cannot honor all requests, as some exotic programming languages may be used by too few developers to justify that we build a library.

You can always resort to calling the REST API manually from your own functions. We advise that you read the REST API Reference in this case.