Latest Platform Changes

The Crisp Platform is updated every day with improvements and new features. This page is a ledger of all notable changes that occured over time, and which may impact your integrations.

Note that breaking changes appear in red. We are committed in avoiding the introduction of such changes, knowing the negative impact that they can have on your integrations.

If you would like to monitor those changes, an RSS feed is available at:

October 2021

    New routes have been added to the people resource, allowing the management of suggested events. They make it possible to re-use previously pushed events. Read more about those routes.

June 2021

    Conversation geolocation is now resolved from the user IP address whenever this IP address is set for the first time, or later updated, via the REST API. Previously, only the Crisp Web SDK was able to resolve the geolocation from user IP address.

April 2021

    Plugin Widgets are now able to forward user actions to plugins (eg. click on a widget button), via a webhook payload. Note that this gets delivered by a dedicated system, ie. not through to our Web Hooks service.