Updated on September 21, 2021

Submissions allow our Marketplace validation team to ensure that your plugin complies to the rules and guidelines of the Marketplace, and that it provides a great experience to users.

They represent an essential part of the Marketplace, as they bridge the gap between you and our validation team.

When Do Submissions Occur?

Submissions are issued in the following situations:

  • Publication: when you request the publication of a plugin
  • Unpublication: when you request the unpublication of a plugin
  • Plugin Update: when you update details of an already-published plugin
  • API Production Scopes: when you request a Production token
  • API Production Scopes Update: when you add new scopes to an existing Production token
  • API Production Quota Update: when you request an increase of your Production token rate limit
  • Business Verification: when you register a Business Name

A submission can be either pending (ie. being reviewed by our team), approved or rejected. Whatever the outcome, a verdict message will give you details about the approval or rejection.

More submissions cases may be added in the future, in order to support new processes or new features in the Marketplace.

Review Delays

It typically takes our Marketplace validation team a few minutes (about 10 minutes) to validate submissions, during week days. You will receive an email once your submission is either accepted, or rejected.

Note that we do not usually process submissions during weekends. Our validation team may also be sometimes busier than usual during weekdays, so if a submission takes more than 1 hour please wait a bit before contacting our support.

Submission History

For each of your plugins, you have access to the complete history of submissions. Simply go to the Marketplace, then to your plugin, then Overview:

History of a plugin's submissions

You can view the details of a submission by clicking on the "Details" button. The upper section concerns the submission itself (date, type, details), whereas the lower section refers to the verdict of our validation team (date, status and message):

Details of a submission

What We Verify

Bellow are listed the actual elements that we verify for each submission type. Understanding them will help your submission review go as smooth as possible.


When you ask for the publication of your plugin, we do an extensive review of it:

  • We test your plugin and make sure it's free of crashes and bugs
  • We make sure your plugin provides a great experience, with a focus on privacy.
  • We ensure that all listing information for the plugin are accurate:
    • Your plugin has a logo set
    • Your plugin name lets users properly identify your plugin
    • The category of your plugin is set
    • The summary and description texts are provided
    • You provided a documentation URL for the users of your plugin
    • Your website URL is set
    • A support URL or email address is set (start with mailto: if this is an email)
    • Your terms of service and privacy policy URLs are provided (could be the same URL)
  • We ensure that the account information are valid:
    • Your account has an avatar set
    • Your account first name and last name are provided
    • Your are not impersonating anyone with your account


As un-publishing a plugin is a destructive action (it wipes all existing users from your plugin), our validation team will verify that the request is actually legit and intentional.

Plugin Update

When you update an already-published plugin, a Plugin Update submission is created. This means that the changes you do on the Marketplace are not reflected immediately on the published plugin. Changes will be reviewed by our team, in the same way as a Publication submission. Once the submission is approved, changes will be automatically applied to the published plugin.

API Production Scopes

As we want to ensure each integration with Crisp uses subscribed website data in a fair and privacy-first way, requesting a Production token involves a submission.

We strictly review all API Production Scopes submissions. Especially, we have a look at the requested scopes and their permissions, and make sure you provided actual explanations on why you need these scopes. If you request an abusive number of scopes or don't provide enough justification and details, our validation team will simply reject the submission.

API Production Scopes Update

When you add scopes or permissions to an existing Production token, a API Production Scopes Update submission is created. This means that the new scopes or permissions are not reflected immediately on the Production token. Changes will be reviewed by our team, in the same way as a API Production Scopes submission. Once the submission is approved, changes will be automatically applied to the Production token.

Please note that removing a scope from an existing Production token doesn't involve any submission. In that case, changes are immediately reflected on the Production token.

API Production Quota Update

When you ask for the increase of your Production token rate-limit, we ensure that you really need that much quota. We'll especially have a look at the current usage of the Production token.

Business Verification

A Business Name allows you to be seen as a verified business, instead of displaying your personal developer information.

When you ask for a Business Name, our validation team will make sure you are the legit owner or that you are part of the concerned company.